As of late, there has been a surge in online stores where you can buy almost anything from. There is fierce competition amongst young online retail store since the big online retailers dominate 80% of the online shopping market.

So, what are some ways you can ensure more conversion rate for your website in terms of solid sales?

Tips about

1. Better Quality of Images

We are not just talking about the resolution of the images you upload on your website but their composition. Customers do not respond to the run of the mill stock images with the product resting on a white background. People want substance and a better feel of the product. Hence products should be pictured in their natural settings/backgrounds.

2. Add Videos As Well as Images

Images work great but what is better than a picture? You guessed it, videos! These days you will find a lot of retailers using videos for various products to showcase their use. This is not just done for show but has a lot of effect on customer buying behavior. A video of a product can give the customer a better idea of the product and make them feel more like they are actually using it.

3. Make a Stand Out Add to Cart Button

Usually websites make the add to cart button in the same font and layout as the rest of their page. Thus, customers cannot see it and hence are much less likely to press it. If you have an add to cart button which is vibrant and fancy, it will encourage customers to press it and hence increase your eCommerce store’s online conversion rate!

4. Nail the Product Description

When customers are shopping online, they cannot see the products in person hence rely on product descriptions. You need to have a copy for your product description which is perfect; not too long or too short. It should incorporate all the vital details of the product and should engage and persuade your customer into making a purchase.

5. Low or Free Shipping

More often than not, customers abandon their shopping carts on online retail stores after looking at the shipping fee. Most mega retailers online provide free delivery for their products. This greatly increases the likelihood of customers checking out and actually making a purchase. You need to ensure that your shipping costs are as low or even lower than what your competitors are offering.